Spirituality and Flow


I am still smoking. Yet, the desire to quit again is very strong. I’m practicing patience with my heart-mind connection. My heart feels it but my mind plays tricks on me. I’m learning how to shut off my mind and drop into my heart space, again. Opening my heart to love may very well be the practice that saves me. Receiving love from the Universe has been a tricky concept for me. I’m a natural giver, as most women are. We project outwardly. However, to maintain our energy we must learn to love ourselves and to receive energy from the Universe- however that shows up for us. I recently did a chakra meditation where I envisioned the 12 chakras in 5th dimensional form (see previous post). This meditation has opened my door chakra, especially, to receiving new energy and healing. I used to imagine the root chakra red. I now see it as pink. This subtle change has been very healing to me energetically. Try it! Also, working with the Fire Dragons to clear my path and to remove obstacles and negativity has been very helpful. I’m beginning to understand that new energies and frequencies are coming in to assist us at this time. Even we will begin to open to these energies.

I’m working on developing my goals with soul. Fine tuning my reiki skills. Working with a community of lightworkers called Loveworkers and we are definitely going to create something soon. Also the itch to write is growing stronger everyday. I’m thinking how best to utilize my writing skills right now. I want to create something fresh, dynamic, interactive and informative. I want to teach through my writing and I want it to be fun. We will see.



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