Spirituality and Flow

Breeze Wisps

We must look beyond culture, beyond holidays. We must look toward the rising Sun. Feel Her in our Souls. Take moment to moment Guidance from that still, inner whisper that gently guides and protects us at all times. We are transcending this duality world of 3D consciousness into a more unified realm of 5D consciousness. Breathe deeply and feel the prana of Jesus’ love and healing energy filling every cell of your physical, mental, spiritual and soul and emotional body. This is 5D. We are so alive. We are so aware. The breeze feels fine.

The wind has finally come in layers- breezing through the apartment and cooling my skin and home.  My hair dances and falls upon my face and into the corners of my eyes. I sit listlessly at my kitchen table hunched over, leaning into the motion. Listening to it wisp and howl, hearing the loose papers shift, watching dancing plants reach and move as the air comes in through the front door. It blasts through the house cleansing and purifying all within it and exiting the back sliding glass door, bringing gusts of light and music to and from the street below.

I sit in the middle of it all, at the kitchen table. Where are you? Where am I? It’s dinner time but there is no food prepared. I’m suddenly anxious.

The breeze keeps coming in stronger and stronger. My solo dinner table breaks my heart. I hear birds chirping and they remind me that I am never alone. I feel something begin to stir in me. I’m not sure what but I know now that I’m not ever going to feel alone again. Not in a world this beautiful. Not in a place where I know you are here, too.



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