Spirituality and Flow

Louise Hay’s Lecture Notes

What like-minded people do you want to connect with?

Everytime you think, your thoughts connect you with like minded people.

We know peace is happening.

Inner peace connects us.

We are all worthy of love.


Quiet your mind to hear your own Inner Wisdom. Connect with your Higher Self and with others doing it.

What sort of people am I connecting with now?

Inner harmony. Outter peace.

Start healing myself.

I AM the center of my world.

Radiate Harmony and love.

Change myself.

Love myself.

Be honest with me.

Self honesty.

Be willing to see what needs changing.

Be truthful.

Be honest with others.

Learn how to say NO.

Whatever we give out, we receive.

What we believe comes true.

What do I believe about this?

What do I feel?

Why doing it?

Allow new ideas in and expand consciousness.

Addictions keep us out of the present moment.

Where am I not accepting myself?

Addicted to rejection.

Get addicted to something positive instead.

Nothing has any power over me.

Love is the answer.

Love Yourself.

Enjoy life.

Connect with yourself.

Do wonderful things for yourself.

Serve others from the light within.

Enlightened- find your own light and shine it for others.

Baby steps.

Impatience is resistance to learning.

Create a world where it is safe for people to love each other.

All notes are from a free lecture from Hay House’s Louise Hay in your inbox today.

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