Spirituality and Flow

The Universe Has Your Back

IMG_4777By Gabrielle Bernstein

6 Processes to Begin Your Dialogue with the Universe

1. Ask for Guidance

“Thank you, Universe, for guiding me to perceive this fear through the teacher of Love.”

2. Practice the Holy Instant.

Surrender fear to the care of the Universe and accept the perspective of Love. There’s a loving spiritual presence that can restore us to sanity. Witnessing the Holy Instant is a miracle.

3. Fast Comeback.

How quickly can you come back to Love? The miracle is in how quickly we return to Love. Do not believe in fear.

4. Put on what you want to receive: LOVE.

5. Create a Purpose Statement.

I AM ready to learn through Love!

6. You are the Dreamer of your Dream.

Create visions you want to see manifest in this world. What do you want to see!?

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