Spirituality and Flow

Poem for Peace and Grace

In this moment there is peace 

Found inside of me.

In this moment, all suffering,

In the world’s buffering.

What do we choose to feel?

What is our “real”?

One is an illusion

Made for confusion.

One is deep inside,

Enjoying the ride.

Fear or love is a choice.

Often we are not given voice.

The middle class is dying.

We are helplessly crying.

People must rise and unite

Or we will lose the fight.

We hold so much power.

The time is near, our hour.

Change must come

For us to become

All we are meant to be.

We will soon see

Beyond the discrepancy

Into the love and light 

Of a unified sight. 

Peace on Earth happening now 

Is the only way to how 

We will evolve and grow 

And God only knows. 

Keep prayers strong

For it won’t be long 

Until we are shown the way

For a brighter day. 

Darkness won’t last 

It lives in the past.

We believe in the power of love

And all that comes from above. 

In this lies our strength,

The necessity of Truth,

To prevail over all darkness

And lead us to selflessness.

It is from this humble place

That the world receives Grace. 

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