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Peace on Earth

Bless this mess. Make it Yours. Sanctify it through the blood, tears, sweat and prayers of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Protect what is holy in me and in this space with the light of love. Help me open to receive Your Grace, Your love, light and power daily. Let it wash over my soul spilling out into my life and lives of those with whom I am connected. Teach me to be a better servant- to listen, heal and be selfless. Allow the Divine to work in, around and through me at all times. May I come to be One with that presence and to know it more and more everyday. Remind me to take time each day to check in with that force and to question it for it’s Will so that I may become One with it. Remembering, in Truth, that it is all God, and that all is sacred and holy on Earth as it is all His creation. I can see a unified Earth where all are free and where there is abundance everywhere. This is our Truth and this is the kind of peace on Earth God intended. How we create it, depends on us. Amen. And so it is. 

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