Spirituality and Flow

Being the witness

There in the shadows where all of my junk lies, is mystery. Do I dare to confront that part of myself or should I bury it ten feet deep? They come back in flashes, as memories that I’d rather not have. Parts of life that feel like nightmares but really when I take on the witness perspective I can see that they are just lessons learned and gentle unravelings. Another dagger to be removed and placed back in it’s holster. After you love me and leave, the emptiness fills my room and heart with a void that only the light of God can fill. I come closer to home, to my reality of oneness with Great Spirit and the all that is. Maybe this is why I let you. Maybe you do care but don’t let me see it. Then the mystery becomes known a little in parts of me that are illuminated and enlightened. These parts reverberate out to the cosmos bringing me back into Harmony to the cosmic forces at play. While you may stick your middle up and say a quick eff you, I’d rather flash an “I love you” or thumbs up or peace sign, knowing how much better those will be/attract. It’s not about rock and roll anymore nor art or celebration. It’s about being a witness to the present moment in awe and gratitude. With that, whatever takes you to there is your strength, power, talent and personal pride.

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