Spirituality and Flow

Divine Messages of Love

In the hectic run of a workday, during the madness that has become life, as I unwind this evening after my shower, I lie in my bed and ponder the day. Taking inventory: where was I selfish and how could I have served better? The answer? Everywhere. Perhaps. 

I find joy in my prayers during the morning commute. It’s actually become my morning commune and praise time with my Creator. It’s during this 45 minute stop and go trip that I shower my day with prayers for my co-workers, friends, family and contemplate my path of purpose which is all about God’s love and peace. By the time I get to work I am filled with joy and light. 

To stay in joy and light all day is my goal. However, things throw us off. For me, it’s usually emotions. I’m highly empathic and when someone is sad, I feel sad. When someone is angry, I feel their anger. My job is to detach from other people’s energy and to shield and protect my own. This will help me respond appropriately to problems and situations as they arise. 

Throughout the day I take rejuvenating breaks to reconnect to that energy I built up in the morning. It can be during a bathroom break or during a trip to the trash can. It can be during a water break or while I’m blowing my nose. I simply say a small “Thank you, God” prayer or, if needed a “Help me, Lord” prayer. These Divine messages of love are heard and always answered. 

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