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Psychic Protection


Psychic Protection Spell

Shield yourself by imagining that you’re surrounded by a shiny, strong shield.  A dense golden light that only good can penetrate radiates from you. See this golden shield grow stronger and brighter in your mind’s eye. When you can see it clearly say, “My golden shield protects me. I ask that this be done for the greater good of all. Blessed be- I am safe.”

by Lucy Cavendish from Magical Spell Cards

Soul Contract- For the Protection of my Body, Mind and Soul

With this sacred contract, I accelerate, deepen, and solidify all my intentions. My desires written below become my destiny, as they are now woven into my soul’s sacred texts, known as the Akashic records. Archangel Metatron and St. Germain have blessed this document with their infinite love and light sealing it into my reality:

I hereby command that my entire essence be divinely protected everywhere that I go, and in all that I do. May any dark entities or energies that I come into contact with go under the direct command of Archangel Michael and the holy angels of protection, where they are ushered into the light and can harm no one ever again. Only the highest energies are allowed to enter my body, mind and soul. From this point forward, no dark energies are allowed to hitchhike, blend with or attach to me in anyway. I am free, guided and guarded, always. Millions of angels surround and protect me and my loved ones, today and all days. I am supremely and divinely protected now and always. I am safe, peaceful and calm.

Signed: angelicmoonfairy a.k.a. Leslie B.                Dated: 3/4/17

(Created with love by with added excerpts by angelicmoonfairy)

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