Affirmations & Meditations Angels, God and Faith Inspirations

Magical Manifesting

Step into your greatness, power, intuition, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of the great being that you are. Love yourself.

Envision your greatest dream for the Universe and then prepare for it to manifest.

Put yourself in a cocoon of protective light and prayers. Add your family, car, work and home to the protection bubble. Finally, add friends and colleagues and anything else that is significant in your daily life. Put a seal around this bubble with your favorite ascended master or archangel’s color, name or face stamped all around the aura of your bubble as extra protection. Send golden Christ light to your bubble and then ask God to please send His will and way to the bubble, along with His Divine protection and love.

Ask for the angels, ascended masters, Goddesses, your guardian angels and spirit guides, totem animals and inner spirit self, Higher Self, God, Jesus, archangels, fairies, and all and only beings of pure love/light: please be with us now as we begin this meditative journey:

Now that you are fully protected and supported, begin to picture in your mind’s eye something you wish to co-create with God on Earth. It can be something as big as starting a new company or as small as finding lost keys. Whatever you want.

Picture yourself already doing/being/having what it is you want. If you aren’t sure what you want, try asking yourself these questions: what am I good at? What brings me joy? What do I need to change in my life in order to move forward?

As you picture what you want, bring feelings to your body as you already have what you want. How would it feel to already own the company or find the keys? Get that joy going for owning the company now and for having the keys in your hand now! Sit with that emotion for as long as you can. This is where alchemy and miracles happen! If you can, while feeling the emotion, say affirmations to yourself: this company is a multimillion dollar company. These keys are in my hand now and were found effortlessly. Nothing is lost in the mind of God.

Now it’s time to feel grateful for what you have manifested. Feel grateful for that company and grateful you found your keys. Thank God/dess for your co-creation with Him/Her. Get as juicy as you can here.

Finally, let go and let the Universe do it’s thing. Remember, the Universe is for you and wants you happy. Affirm that often.

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