Turning Illusions: First poem

On Knowing

Know me first as first as human:

I breathe, I move, I think

I eat, I bleed, I feel

I sleep, I work, I cry.

Know me second as wo/man:

I’m palpable, I’m soft, I’m sensitive

I’m hard, I’m breakable, I’m concrete

I’m intangible, I’m abstract, I’m poetic.

Know me next as a specific person:

A singular woman in the world,

As unique and beautiful as you,

Searching for eternity and Truth.

Know me like you know the ocean,

Like you know grass, hills, sunlight-

To know the majesty of existence,

Is to love it, honor it, treasure it.

Know me like you know yourself-

The confusion, clarity, the complexity.

Accept what it truly you and you can accept

What is me and what is not.

Know me finally as energy:

Fusion, growth, metamorphosis, decay-

The Earth below and all that is beyond.

Search for your eternity and Truth-

Only then will you know me.

Energy knows God best

As a figment of its imagination.

Energy knows this energy best

When it enters into it-

As Adam first entered Eve,

As daylight first entered twilight,

As water first entered life,

As eternity first entered us.

Copyright 2017 angelicmoonfairy aka Leslie Branscum




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