Chapbooks from yesteryear

Turning Illusions

Spider Flies and Angel Wings

I wrote these two books in the late 90’s as gifts to my loved ones. My sister and I actually worked on them together. I did most of the work but she did have some input. My boyfriend at the time, Jeff, created the cover art for Spider Flies and Angel Wings.

I only have Turning Illusions in front of me now. I’m reworking it to modernize it and make it less “manic”. Also, my goal is to add more meter and rhyme to almost all the pieces as they are very wild poems at this point. I’d like to tame them, fine tune them and make them more readable. I do appreciate the journey I attempt to take the reader on and want to explore that further. We will see how it goes. The possibility exists of adding these poems into my nonfiction prose piece I’m working on as reader breaks in the narrative. My highest hope and goal is that each poem develops into its own story and energy. I would love it if each poem was strong on its own and held deep meaning in and of itself regardless of the overarching story. Even though that’s where they will be placed for cohesiveness.

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