Spirituality and Flow

Heal the Earth: Offering Reiki to Nature Spirits

It is imperative blessed Reiki masters send healing to Earth at this time.

Diamond Heart

Ground, Shield, Invite your allies to assist, then mentally call out to the nature spirits in charge of the land you live upon and all it’s plants and animals. Just in case specify that you only wish to work with beings of the light. Ask them if they would like to accept Reiki to heal and balance for the highest good of all beings. Even if you don’t get a reply that you can perceive you can offer Reiki by letting it flow with the intent that it only goes to those who wish to receive it. Send until the flow stops of itself indicating the Spirits have accepted all that they can for that session or end it sooner if you wish by saying Reiki Off. If you like make an appointment to meet with them again to send more Reiki or simply contact them at the time you…

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