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On Peace…

We seek to love always and to bless and heal and restore wherever we are.

May our steps be blessed always going in and may we bless those we are with and may our steps also be blessed going out. I pray for peace, love, joy and happiness: in my own inner life and for the inner lives of all people so that the world may truly know peace. Thank you for life and its living, this day and all the days of my existence. Thank you Holy Spirit who comforts and consoles us as we mourn, grieve and feel through our sadness, reminding us that we are never alone.

Compassion for another has to be felt genuinely; then we can truly understand motives and intentions resulting in forgiveness and peace. Seasons change. People evolve. Gardens grow. Light explodes. Buddha enlightens. Christ saves. Love is. Peace comes. Joy returns. Truth happens.

God bless my city. Lord, protect it. Keep it safe n sound in white Divine light. Peace in my city. AMEN.

Feeling the emptiness of eternity in the depths of my body and soul in the blink of a moment set me free today to realize true inner peace.

Sending out to our planet, the cosmos and to all of humanity a prayer of unconditional agape love, the breath of peace and a sign of spirit.

Between thoughts, in the spaces between, there is silence. I invite myself to witness my mind to look for more spaces, to create more peace.

Surrender, Forgiveness, Faith, Love, Calm, Serenity, Acceptance, Oneness, Unity, Stillness, Patience, Kindness.

Beating like drum this heart never stops pounding its rhythm of love- vibrating through cosmos and universes spreading joy and peace to all.

May you know lasting peace. May true, real love fill your life everyday. May joy greet you at every morning. May you always feel grateful.

Love and respect each other and yourself. This is the answer to peace. Unconditional love and compassion for all. Inner peace becomes world peace.

We are one people. World peace through individual inner peace. One heart at a time. It is possible.

Between madness and sanity there is a space of freedom where the wind blows strong and the eagles fly high. Peace lives here.

I dreamt a dream of me, woke to find myself alone. Then dreamt a dream of us dreaming of world peace. May we find ourselves, the peace therein.

Breathe in peace, love, calm. Breathe out all pain, tension, stress. Feel your body relax now. Breathe with your belly a deep cleansing breath.

There is time in space where eternity lies and in there the vastness moves my mind to a peace beyond comprehension where silence reigns.

In the richness of the morning I found my prayers filling me with light, hope, truth and guidance. As I kneel before my altar, I find peace.

Being true to what is real, loving yourself and believing in your power and potential- a good way to be in the here and now.

I accept today as it is and find forgiveness in there, patience, kindness and gentleness. My belly exhales and I am free.

All the joys and sorrows of the world exist in this very moment. Which do you choose to experience in the now?

May we come together to co-create peace on our planet and may we all know lasting inner peace. May Earth be blessed with eternal peace.

I’m taking the lessons and thanking my past as I become more alive and aware in the present moment of peace and reality.

Trust your instincts and intuition leading you to your divine life purpose of peace.

There is a peace that washes over me as I breathe in the Light and Love of Christ, my angels and celestial team. I am blessed! Praise God!

We will always find our inner peace within our own being, our own heart and soul. Then we must emit and vibe that peace outward to the world.

The path of the peaceful warrior occurs on holy ground and each step is orchestrated by Great Spirit. Eagle’s eye will guide you.

Thank you for this day. Thank you for this life. Thank you for this breath. Thank you sun, moon and stars. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The hum between breaths on a lazy Sunday stands for the peace and silence I’ve been seeking. I let it enter into my being and become it.

Look within and be at peace with yourself and the world. Good peace vibes in you spread throughout your environment and bring you more good.

There is a place and space near to me where I go when the world loses focus. It’s within this realm of inwardness that I find me, find peace.



Copyright 2016 by Leslie B. aka angelicmoonfairy/calimoonfairy (from Twitter Tweets)

Reprint with prior permission or with link provided and/or proper credit given. Thanks.

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