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On loving you…

Once I fell in love so badly. A fool’s heart over and over. Until at last one day I woke to the pain inside. Now Truth echoes inside: I AM Love.

Thought we were forever. Now I’m having trouble wrapping my head around not forever. I miss your flesh next to mine. I miss our heartbeat.

Loving you comes easy like Sunday morning.

Touch me there and it all comes into focus.

Tell me your secrets and I’ll show you mine.

Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your soul and spirit. Thank you for the music, art and mystery. Thank you for listening and hearing.

If we surrender to the evening and accept the night, will you allow it to lead us and take us wherever it may without hesitation or regret?

I’m so nervous about you. Craving you and dreaming of us. Now you’re on the way and I’m just not sure. Reassure me with your love. Let me feel u.

Baby, this is a life lesson: to just be and be love, eternally forever without fault, without fear, to look into the light of stars or eyes.

No time here is guaranteed but this present moment is. In this presence, I want you to know that time is gone. Your love on mine is all I want.

If I told you everything is by Divine order and grace, that it’s all orchestrated, would you breathe easier? Would you trust more? Can u love?

Faith finds me inside my heart, my mind, soul. Your touch releases it. We are love, that’s it. Then sunset comes and my hope fades. Find me.

In red I will be standing before you. In red, that’s me, waiting for you there. Hot, crazy and bold sitting beside you, hand in hand, in red.

Resting there in the arms of my lover was like no other moment I had ever felt until you spoke of our love in poetry like none I’d ever heard.

Your joy and exuberance are contagious. Laughter surrounds your being and makes my heart smile. Being with you makes me find my own light.

I think of you as night falls. When dark sets in my soul or in the world, I wonder, “Where are you now? What are you thinking?” Then I breathe.

We step closer to eternity, I sigh and exhale all doubt. Inhale and take you in. We move together, me and you as one.

How is your heart? Is it on fire with passion or is it taped up from wounds? Just let love guide you and you will be fine. The heart knows.

Look into the bare moonlight. Feel the dim nightlight and the uncertainty free your passion. Can you feel me yet? I’m waiting on you.

If I could touch your palm to mine once again; I would. If I could lie my head on your shoulder; I would. If I could take away the rest, I would.

You are still here promising forever. Break me down once more just to watch me begin again without you. I am taking time toward truth.

Despite all negativity in my head, I dreamed of love instead. When the world was at war, that was when I forgave even more. Be true to you.

The song of love beckons me back into the lovers room where we dance and connect, make music, poetry and art. I can feel your presence here.

If I apologized to you one thousand times and told you I’d never ever insult your soul again, would you ever accept my apology?

Let the stars be my guide as I travel on this path onward and upward toward the essence of You where Your magical kingdom reigns supreme.

Gave you rhyme, rhythm, lyrics and melody. I gave you the verse, ballad, tempo and time. The music inside of me poured out line by line.

….it’s not dead. It’s right here and it’s alive, ready to lose control over what it thinks it knows. I bet I can still pull one over you.

Here I stand loving you. Please take my hand. Let’s go some place new into the wild, into the sand. Find faith in forgiveness. Bliss in truth.

To the leaf, the tree is everything: its home, its nourishment, it makes it whole. As are you to me. Thank you. We are ONE.

If I stayed and apologized things would have been different. Your silence and avoidance killed my courage. Now we stand still waiting.

When I dance with you, there will be earthquakes and tremors in your bones. When we move, the mountains will fall and so will you. Crushingly.

In a day I find my way into the start of your heart where we roam for hours rustling in bed making love, opening ourselves to life: being one.

Sometimes I want you. Sometimes I push away. Sometimes my world is still. Sometimes it moves. Sometimes you rock me. Sometimes I am silence.

When you left, when the flame died, the road parted, door opened and spirit entered. I was seeking something beyond the veil: foot in each world.

Thing is, I love you. I love you like lightening: quick, strong and fast. It could start a fire: this thing, this love. Thing is, I just love.

He loves me hard. He loves me strong. Stands by me sad. Stands by me torn. He loves me mad. He loves me proud. Stands up to me. Stands beside me.

I believe in you. You can do it. You are strong. You have what it takes. Power resides with you. Believe that for yourself and you will see.

Love you like rainbows

Like unconditional love

Like eternally forever

Like as big as universes

Like a promise

Like pinky swear

Like unicorns

Once upon a time in a land far away, you were you and I was me and we were we and all was well. We will return there, to that place: our home.

When the morning doesn’t come soon enough again,

When truth is in their eyes,

When you end where they begin,

Then you know that,

This is it.

Baby, I love you. I believe in your light, your love, your talent. Never stop being you. Baby, I love you. I believe in you. You are you, so true.

I’d offer you my blanket to keep us warm but instead I’ll cuddle up next to you and let the warmth of our bodies heat us by the shoreline.

Running through the forest in between its magic, I found myself while getting lost. The day was wonderful. The landscape, divine. Missing was you.

I will love until the sun stops shining and the Earth ceases moving. I will love until infinity ends, unconditionally. It’s all I know how to do.

Loving you is easy. It’s forgetting you that’s hard. So I won’t. I’ll just keep on sending you good vibes and positive joy until it’s over.

LOVE comes quick when you open your heart to the magic of NOW.

Last night was a riddle we couldn’t solve but today was something rhythmic and wonderful in sync with the sunlight.

If I told you I love you, would you love me too? If I took your hand, would you take mine? If not, what shall I do?

Yes lover, I hear your your call. I shall answer you with a warm, soft kiss on your cheek and then gently find my way to your lips.

Hug me,” he said as we wrestled in bed. I found his lips locked on mine with every tongue swirl and lick. I want your body bare boned again.

The rain melts from the sky as you and I are held in a dream of forever. There’s no one in the world quite like you. Baby I love you.

If the world could magically alter itself and become a haven of love for us, then maybe the shelter of my arms would keep you warm forever and you would stay.

Sitting quietly I can hear the soft sounds of nothings filling the air. The sweet nothings you whisper from afar from your soul to mine.

Walking listlessly, I sighed slowly thinking of you. Will you dream of me tonight as I lie awake thinking of you? Thunder rumbled me home.

When all is said and done and the ashes fly away, be here with me making love to today, forgetting our yesterdays. Through us, we can see clearly again.

It’s goodbye again I’m caving in. My eyes melt. I have felt all this before. It happens. It’s goodbye again, my lover friend.

I walk away from you knowing it’s what to do but you carry my heart in the palm of your hands and I do not know how to let you go.

Love you like morning air

Like crystal balls

Like baby’s breath

Like Redwoods

Love you like childhood

Like make believe

Like solid ground

Valentine of mine: I will feed you love. I will hold you close. I will say I love you. I will gaze at you softly. Lover friend, Amen. I will.

In the heat of day we are stripped away from what we know but I see through you into your soul body, the essence of yourself.

I believe in YOU. Today is the greatest day of them all. This moment is everything. As we accept our potential, we become our greatest self.

I love you. I love the way you say baby. I love your walk. I love your talk. I love your notes of kindness. I love you for your special ways.

Thank you for your generosity. For when I was down, your kindness picked my heart and soul back up and reminded me that gentleness exists.

In a moment of pure consciousness the light of love shines thru to brighten my being and raise my vibration.

Let me love you lovely. Let us fall again. Sounds like fun. Here, hold my hand. Let’s jump in!

If I said “I love you” would it chase away your blues? Run with me into the night and find those dreams of flight. It is all really true.

When I think of you, the world looks brighter and my heart beats stronger. You make me come alive as your vision bounds mine to its ecstasy.

Voices of madmen echo While the symphony of Saints goes unheard. Softly I whisper, “I love you.” The end of days are here. Sorry to say, I’m not sorry. Craziness has got me mad. It’s your turn to feel the blues. Over and done for good.

When the days are done, it’s the loving that will live on and go on, pass on and be beyond you. So love like it’s all you got to give.

They watched the sunrise in each other’s eyes and felt the press of warm lips as they slid down the rainbow.

Copyright 2016 by Leslie B. angelicmoonfairy/calimoonfairy

Reuse o.k. with prior permission or appropriate acknowledgement. Thanks.

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