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On God and angels…

I believe in God’s good. I feel God’s love. I sense His presence. I hear His guidance. God’s plan is for our highest good. Trust and faith in God make me believe. They give me strength. All of creation is from His hands and to His hands we all shall return.

Cosmic consciousness allows us to remember Christ consciousness-the consciousness of love- where our minds settle and have their being.

Good afternoon. Today is my day! It sparkles of joy! It sounds of happiness! Today I praise the power through me as the Spirit in me. Good day, good day!

If you don’t like it, don’t try it. If it don’t feel right, don’t buy it. Just take your chances on your own. This test is real life to pass. Thank you God for flushing out my soul spirit of all that no longer serves me. I call back all of my energy and cut ties with the past. Amen.

Don’t ever effing stop being true to you. Eff the naysayers and keep on going straight to the top. You got this! God’s got you!

I am loved, loving and lovable. As I affirm these Truths, they constantly show up in my life as real. I am love expressing itself.

Only you can love the totality of you into being. You are a Divine child of God’s love, light and consciousness. Accept that truth into you.

Often prayers are answered in one of four ways: yes, no, not yet, or there’s a better way. Trust what comes through your intuition and life.

Blocks are often the Universe’s way of telling us “not now” or “slow down” or “there’s a better way”. Rethink things and gain a new insight.

When stillness and lack of motion are prominent, trust that. When inspiration and motivation come, go with them. Everything has its purpose.

Wrapping this day in with blue protective light of AA MICHAEL. Green healing light of AA RAPHAEL. Reiki rainbow symbols and Mahatma energy. Calling Fire Dragons to clear my path ahead and my celestial team for guidance throughout the day. Calling in my Creator to co-create my highest good.

The whole world may be against you but there is One who is for you. Never forget that.

I release that which no longer is for my highest good and welcome in that which is. Thank you God and angels for overseeing this transition.

I believe in love and God and the power of prayer! I believe in this for everyone, everywhere.

Just surrender all to your higher power and be filled up with Source. Begin again.

The Creator is wise and good. I trust in the Divine plan and in Divine timing. I keep the faith knowing there is so much more to be known.

What about the trees and bees and homeless one? What about the ocean, mountain, fragrant flowers? What about love, trust, salvation and us?

In truth there is no duality. We are all one and all is connected.

Let love win and peace prevail.

Thank you God for working in my life today and always. I love you God. Jesus is awesome.

Thank you love, generosity, peace, kindness, Grace, mercy, benevolence and justice for constantly showing up in my life.

I call upon God, AA Michael, Jesus and Mother Mary: please come to my aid today and bless my soul spirit with your love. Thank you and Amen.

Our planet is washed in white light and the hearts of all inhabitants are opened and beaming with love. Letting go and letting God. Amen.

Admitting my powerlessness opens me to Source all over again. I am nothing without you: Divine spark of Love.

I believe God has a good plan for the Earth, for my life and yours. We must accept and surrender to His will, follow His direction, trust and believe.

DEAR GOD, I rejoice in your presence and at the sound of Your name! Thank you for everything in my life. May we forever walk together. AMEN.

Love’s purpose will be served. Joyful celebrations of peace and love begin. Heavenly Hosts sing hallelujah. That’s the power of love.

And I pledge allegiance to the Mother/Father God of all Creation that someday this all falls into place as good prevails and we enter heaven.

I cancel, clear, delete all which no longer serves my highest potential. I allow God to align my will to His. Amen.

God and Benevolent Forces of the Universe- please guide, guard and protect the planet as she goes into a place of peace and sovereignty.

The world as we know it is an illusion to be transformed into something we can believe in, stand for and ultimately what we are envisioning.

Dearest AA CHAMUEL: Help me to find my soulmate. Please bring us together. In truth, we are together. I call him/her into my reality now.

AA MICHAEL: Please shield and clear my energy. Thank you for vacuuming away all fear. Please light up my chakras and seal them. Thank you.

Dear Mother/Father God: Bless us this night. May our friends and family be well, healthy and whole. I love you God. Thank you for today AMEN.

Dear Mother/Father God: Please bless us this night as we sleep. May the world rest peacefully. Help us to dream inspiredly. Thank you. Amen.

Spirit communes with us constantly. We must tune in and heed its guidance by keeping our vibration high and energy clear.

We are children of God created for a Divine purpose, mission and plan. We all have unique talents, gifts and dreams. Follow and grow them.

Love is only real. Let love in. Lead with love. Learn to love. Live in love. Love is the reason we came here and the mission of our lives.

Compassion leads me to your shoes where I find acceptance. Not for what you did but for who you are: love’s pure light and God’s holy child.

Every human has good; all the world is made of love.

Copyright 2016 by Leslie B. angelicmoonfairy/calimoonfairy

Reuse ok with prior permission or appropriate acknowledgement

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