Children and Family Spirituality and Flow

Older Leslie

Older Leslie is now 41. I have a beautiful daughter who is 9. Most of my life circles around her and her needs right now. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My higher power and my relationship with Source is my first priority. My second priority is taking care of myself so that I may do my third and most important priority, which is to raise my child. I wouldn’t be able to raise her properly if I didn’t adhere to the first two priorities.

My daughter has changed my life perspective for the better and has given me a new drive, purpose and meaning in life. Before she came, I was very much lost, depressed, anxious and afraid of life and living. I was in a very dark place emotionally, financially, spiritually and mentally. My pregnancy was not easy. In fact, it was very difficult and challenging. I was alone and I was doing everything by myself. I had morning and evening sickness through the entire pregnancy. I didn’t know someone could stay pregnant and remain that sick. But after she was born, things shifted. I found I had help. I wasn’t alone and the right people were there.

Now that she is a preteen we are growing together. She’s testing boundaries and I’m learning to stand my ground and say no sometimes to such a cute face. It’s a challenge. But she is a really genuinely good person and I’m proud of who she is becoming. She’s smart, funny, talented and empathic. All good qualities. She’s extremely compassionate to the underdog and understands racial profiling in a unique way (she’s mixed). She also impresses me on her understanding of bigger global issues. Kids today are smart. When they have any question they immediately google it for an answer. Our job as parents is to teach them how to research on the Internet properly and how to question information and make up their own minds. Thinking skills. I’m still working with her on this.

Beyond my child, there are other things and priorities such as: work, bills, boyfriends, friends, family, etc. that go into my day and life. I do take them as very important and serious. However, as long as my center is grounded and ok (my top 3  priorities) then I’m well on my way to making the other stuff jive too. I realize my priorities will shift as she gets older and more self sufficient but for now, this is what works for us.


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