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Eff off cancer!

My brother-in-law was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. No one wants to hear that C word, let alone have it happen to someone you love. While we struggled to find information and gain clarity, I couldn’t help but just feel completely powerless in this situation. My sister and her husband (who was the one diagnosed) live a few states away. My sister, who is my triplet, called me balling her eyes out. My advise? Go make love to each other! Have a fabulous dinner and smoke a bunch of pot! After all, he was in pain from the neck surgery he just had where they found the growth that was to be thyroid cancer. Plus, they weren’t seeing the oncologist for a few days and the PET SCAN wasn’t until next week too. They were in a holding pattern. All we could do was pray AND distract ourselves with goodness and positivity. That’s what I discovered and learned. When in a holding pattern or if you are undecided about something feed your life and soul with what it desires most. I listened to my favorite music, connected with good friends and family, napped, drew, danced and ate well. They had the PET SCAN on Wednesday. We are awaiting results. From what we know, as long as it hasn’t spread, it should be curable through surgery and iodine treatments. We are praying for his wellness and perfect health at this time. We are enjoying every moment along the way. Bcz cancer can just eff off!




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