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Magic: Tattwa Card Printout

So awesome!

Wanderings in the Labyrinth

Tattwa Cards • Tattwa Cards 2.0 with borders

The link above will take you to a PDF, which have 25 of the common Tattwa symbols on them. You can cut the cards apart, four to a page, and then you’ll have some tools for meditations. Something Gordon said in his most recent post made me sit up and notice.  He said that he feels like magical blogging is dead except on Tumblr, but that he intended to stay where he was. And that comment made me feel like I wanted to do something that brought some magic back to this blog. I’ve just recently gotten involved in a tumblr-based magical writing project, but that doesn’t mean I want to neglect this blog, either.

The teachers who read this blog, and the people who come for the daily tai chi updates, probably don’t know about magic or my interest in the occult…

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