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Thank You, Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your constant, unfailing, unconditional love that fills our lives everyday. Thank you for your Truth, Grace, Mercy, kindness and for gently teaching us how to exude these qualities in our lives. Thank you for the Holy Spirit who comforts and consoles us as we mourn, grieve and feel through our sadness, reminding us that we are never alone. Thank you Holy Spirit for your daily direction as we tune into you. Thank you, Father, for all the glorious and abundant blessings in my life and for leading me into my life’s Divine direction and path, making sure I am constantly on a path of service to You. Thank for life and its living, this day and all the days of my existence. I praise You: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for you are the Holy Trinity guiding and protecting my life and the planet.

I pray for peace, love, joy and happiness: in my own inner life and for the inner lives of all people so that the world may truly know peace. I pray for Divine solutions, inspirations and epiphanies for myself and for those in positions to help change the energy of Earth and its population. I pray for more enlightened beings to come into those positions of power to help manifest those changes. I see our future as You do Lord: bright, abundant, whole, clean and pure. In envisioning this future, I see and feel more love and enlightenment in the world than ever before.

Thank you, Jesus, for filling the Earth with your power, energy, resources and regeneration. Only You can heal the broken. Only Your love can transform the dark. In you, our works are made holy. Thank you, Jesus, for being the great teacher of love, prayer and sacrifice.

Today I begin again, as I do every morning, to fill my soul spirit with You. I listen for Your words and read them, too, trusting in faith that You are the way, the Truth and the light.

God Bless All Who Read This Prayer,


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