A Change Will Come

Democratic Convention: 1/17/16

Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley

Notes and topics discussed.

#Black Lives Matter

Policing the nation

War on Drugs

National Rifle Association

Background checks to purchase guns

Affordable Care Act

Medicare/Medi-Cal for all

Bi-partisan wounds

Younger voters

Sanders as a Democratic Socialist

Working families

Low-income people


Pharmaceutical Companies

Big Banks

Big Businesses

Wall Street Campaign Contributions

Wall Street in Government

Raising the federal minimum wage

Rebuilding infrastructure

Debt free college/education

Lower college interest rates

Tax on Wall Street

Raise federal minimum wage

Child Care

Paid family leave

Raising taxes

Climate change

Fossil Fuels

100% Clean Energy by 2050

Sustainable Energy

ISIS- terrorists




Chemical weapons

Middle East



Security and privacy online

Homeland security

Immigration reform

Drug trafficking

Flint, Michigan (lead contaminated water)

Middle class

Corrupt campaign finance system

Super packs

Citizens united

Political Revolution

Working people

Government of US belongs to us all


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