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New Moon Intentions for Jan. 2016

As I wrote my intentions under this New Moon my ache was to improve my body and my overall health this month. 3/4 of my goals centered on health and wellness. The other goal is about doing more of what I love to do. The intentions, which really are my goals for the year, came pouring out of me. They are desperately wanting to blossom in my life and my angels are loud and clear about what I need to do to get there. The problems I’ve been encountering with achieving my goals include: procrastination, depression and discipline. Sound familiar? It seems that there has to be a realization of the rewards and benefits that come with achieving one’s goals in order to attain them and have the motivation to do so. The focus should not be on losing the weight but rather on the feeling of being healthier and the feeling of having more joy, self esteem and happiness as a result. The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte looks at Core Desired Feelings when looking at goals. I really resonate with this idea and truth while creating goals. It suggests just that: focusing on several feelings that you want to manifest as a result of achieving your goals. Here are a list and some notes on my January intentions and goals:


Intentions for January 2016

  1. Writing and Time Management

  1. Finish writing books

  2. Find an agent/publisher

  3. Work with an editor

  4. Write a book proposal

  5. Translate knowledge

  6. Entertain people

  7. Educate people

  8. Become a clear channel

  9. Aim to write a page a day

  10. Blog 2-3 times a week

  1. Exercise and Physical Therapy

  1. Walk everyday

  2. Yoga 2-3 times a week

  3. More water

  4. Gentle stretching

  5. Do physical therapy when in pain

  6. Ice and heat as necessary

  7. Affirmations in morning and/or evening

  1. Weight loss

    1. Reach target weight

    2. Eat more organic food

    3. Shop for healthier food

    4. Cook healthier food

    5. Morning affirmations

    6. More water

    7. Weigh myself once a week

  2. Stop Smoking

  1. Use patches to cut back

  2. Learn new coping/mindfulness techniques

  3. Read education material about stop smoking

  4. Cut back

  5. Meditate

  6. Take online course on Stop Smoking

  7. Be gentle with the process


I’m still working on creating my Core Desired Feelings for this year. It’s a process. At the moment I’ve been toying with the idea of wellness, creation/creativity and action. However, none of those really feel like deep feeling words to me so I’m trying to get to the feelings under them. It’s a process. I’m giving it some breathing room and space and allowing the process to unfold. I’m also listening to the Desire Map book on audio play. This should help, too.

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