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Creative Visualization 4 Steps

Creative Visualization

This, or something better,

now manifests for me

in totally satisfying and harmonious ways,

for the highest good of all concerned.”

4 Steps for Effective Creative Visualization

  1. Set Your Goal- Decide on something you would like to have, work toward, realize or create. At first, choose something you believe in.

  2. Create a Clear Idea or Picture- Create a clear mental picture or idea, feeling, of the object or situation exactly as you want it. Imagine yourself in the situation as you desire it NOW. Include as many details as possible. Make a Treasure Map, optional.

  3. Focus on it Often- Bring your idea or mental picture to mind often, both in meditation and throughout your day. Focus on it clearly, in a relaxed, light way.

  4. Give it Positive Energy- Think about your goal in a positive, encouraging way. Make positive statements to yourself: that it exists, that it has come or is now coming to you. See yourself receiving or achieving it. Practice getting the feeling that that which you desire is very real and possible.

May you be blessed

with everything

your heart desires.”

-from Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

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