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My Thanksgiving Gratitude List


The historical premise of Thanksgiving always throws me for a loop. I think of the natives whose story is often misrepresented through this holiday.

However, I try to focus on the positive qualities that this holiday represents instead. Gratitude, thankfulness, family, friends, food, service, love, peace and joy are some of them.

This Thanksgiving I spent the morning with a friend and I will be alone the rest of the day doing prayers, taking naps and watching parades/football on tv. My family celebrated early because my daughter will be with her dad this year today.

Whatever you are doing today, take time to pause and reflect on what you are truly grateful for in your life.

I am grateful for my Creator and the angels of love and light always guiding and protecting me. I am so incredibly grateful for friends and family, my parents and daughter especially. I am grateful for my apt and car, that they are clean, running properly and are always loved and protected by God and his team. So thankful for my health in all ways.

Thankful for food, clean running water, clothes, shoes. Thankful for my gifts of writing and composing.

Grateful for life itself. Grateful for loving neighbors. Thanks for music to uplift and inspire me. Grateful for an abundance of time, energy, and money, as needed. Grateful for warm socks and hats, for mittens, for jackets. Thank you sweatshirts. So grateful for my loving pets who keep me company and entertained.

Grateful for this blog. Grateful for you. Grateful for a peaceful world happening now.

Thank you, God.

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