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11-11-15 World Peace Prayers

Tomorrow on Wednesday 11-11-15 at 11am and 11pm at your local time zone, wherever you are, join the world in praying for peace and sending out peace energy or reiki healing treatments for the Earth. You may simply think and feel peace at that time or you may write your own peace prayer to say then. Or, you may wish to find or google search one of your favorite peace prayers to meditate upon at that time. Whatever you choose to do, follow your intuition and do it with love and peace in your heart for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants both living and non living creatures and beings and oceans, etc. We surround the planet and atmosphere tomorrow in the highest vibration of light and love for peace on Earth and for the transcendence of the planet into an Age of Enlightenment, peace and pure agape love. Together, our prayers make a difference in uplifting the frequency of the planet and erasing the effects of fear completely. Where there is total light, the dark cannot hide for it is exposed for what it truly is. The light is the truth, the way and the answer for in it is love and the energy of Source. Here’s a prayer for peace:

Dear God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Higher Self and all the Saints and angels of love and light,

Please bless Mother Earth with peace right now at this time, the 11:11 gateway, and shower her with the energy of love, protection, abundance of all the nourishment she needs, Grace, hope, faith and mercy. I ask that the inhabitants of Earth all be well, loved and happy from the smallest ant to the mightiest lion. May we as the animal kingdom balance and work together to support each other and work together to heal Mother Earth. May the oceans be blessed today with love, nourishment and life. May ocean life thrive and be blessed abundantly. May the rain forests and other earthly habitats remain and flourish. God bless the aura of Earth. May it be surrounded today in love and protection. We place shields around her and ask that these remain constantly guarded by the angels. As Earth raises her vibration and frequency of Agape Love we ask each person to raise their consciousness individually. We ask the angels to assist each person with this. Surround everyone with their own angels and give them clear guidance and signs today that they are near.

We thank you for protecting and loving Earth. We thank you for your assistance and for loving us. We will all do our best to do our part.

And So It Is.

In the name of Peace,

For the Future of our Planet,



One reply on “11-11-15 World Peace Prayers”

This is a very profound day for within we are able to make manifest a new earth free of fear and individuals that are shifting to a higher consciousness a global consciousness where everyone will live harmonious with the universe! And so it is and it shall be ! A beautiful universe to enjoy and cherish! Thank you mother nature for all of your abundance!

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