Spirituality and Flow

Sacred Space and Grounding

The first step when beginning any energy work on yourself or others is to create a designated sacred space to do your work. This space may be a kitchen table with a make-shift altar on it, a corner of a room set up with an altar or as simple as a nightstand with 2-3 meaningful items placed there. Whatever you decide to do, the intention is key. Your intention should be that this is the space where you will go to do your energy work, pray, meditate and so forth. It becomes your special place. You may choose to have several places in your living space for this but ideally one is optimal to hold the energy for you.

Your sacred space should hold special items: maybe incense, crystals, special cards, several card decks, pictures, meaningful symbols or items, etc. Also, a candle is usually nice and a picture of you as a child that reminds you of your inner child is good. Whatever you choose, make it your own. Decorate it with pretty things that your adore. Make it a space you love to come to and enjoy being at. Clean it regularly and shift or change the items as time goes by. Keep it fluid and flowing. This is your spiritual space; this is your special space for you alone.

Once you have your sacred space set up, it’s time to get grounded there. Grounding is the act of connecting with Mother Earth and placing your energy deep into Earth’s core. This is essential for lightworkers and healers who have a tendency to float out of their bodies. There are many ways to ground and you should find the method that works the best for you. Some methods are very long and detailed but leave you with the feeling of a deep connection with Mother Earth. Perhaps try these if you are feeling very ungrounded. These methods include: grounding meditations on YouTube (just search grounding meditation in the search box on YouTube and pick your favorite), visualizations on grounding that can be found online (just google grounding visualization in search box and pick your favorite). There are many other, faster ways to ground. These include: holding a pair of car keys, often eating or drinking will ground you, washing your face and hands, going for a walk and putting your feet in the dirt or grass, getting outdoors in general can ground you, or holding a crystal.

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