Start to Stop Smoking

one too many


A great AA saying! Here.

On my way to giving up cigarettes I think of this a lot. Lately I’ve been giving up one cigarette here and there to cut back. The cigarette I give up gives me time to reflect: why do I want this cigarette? What does this do for me? How does waiting for the cigarette affect me? What tools can I use while waiting? Can I go without two cigarettes in a row? What are my triggers? When do I most crave cigarettes and why?

So I’m looking at my patterns with cigarettes and my relationship with them. I’m also reading my literature and preparing to quit again. This process feels like it’s taking forever but I know it will be worth it. The more I can consider myself a non-smoker, the better. The more prepared I am to quit, the better. The more tools I get into my toolbox for handling stress, triggers and withdrawal, the better.

These are some of the pre-quitting activities you can do at home while you’re considering quitting (see above). It’s a great way to cut back and prepare to quit. I’m only smoking a half a pack a day now but would like to cut back even more before I quit. I do have patches and lozenges on hand for when I am ready to quit. That’s another thing. If you don’t have quit aides, now would be the time to choose which ones you want to use by researching the various aides and picking what’s right for you. I recommend seeing your doctor and discussing what’s best for you. Often your doctor will make a recommendation and most insurances will cover the cost of smoking aides if prescribed by your doctor! If you have the aides on hand, you are all set up to quit when you’re ready.

Keep at it folks, I’m not sure how this will all work out but I’m for sure going to keep the faith and keep trying. Oh, another method I’m using these days is I’m talking to EVERY ex-smoker I can and asking them how they quit. I’m using their advice and methods and taking their suggestions into account in my road to quitting. I would highly recommend asking the ex-smokers around you and in your life how they quit. What was it like? How did they quit? What did they do? What did it feel like? How were the cravings and how did they handle them? I do like a mini-interview with every ex-smoker that will allow me to. I even did one with the security guard on my way to a smoking cessation class! He shared some great advice on leaning on your higher power and giving it all to Source. He also said he made a promise to himself and his higher power one day that he would quit for good and after he made that promise, he never went back to smoking or drinking! Sometimes, having that spiritual connection/awakening really works. What will work for you? Like I said, keep at it. Your health, family and you are totally worth it and you already know that!

I love you for starting to quit smoking. You’re a champ in my book. I truly know how difficult it is. Just know you’re farther along than you think. You are on the road to recovery, the right path to be on!

Peanuts and Peace.

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