Daily Prayer

“I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live.”

John 11:25

Dear Jesus,

You are risen in me everyday. Praise you and your great works on planet Earth. Your mysteriously wonderful Earth walk eases my heart and strengthens my soul. I love you so much and know that you love me too. Thank you, Jesus, for coming home in the first place and for returning soon. I trust in you with all that I am. My faith is strong in you and your teachings. My job is to learn more everyday about you and what you taught. I do this by reading your word, studying it and spending time meditating on it. I can also meditate on you and your life. This helps me to get in touch with my own inner Christ consciousness, the Christ in me. If I am to be more like you, to shine my light as you did, I must first come to know you better, Lord. You will not lead me astray but will teach me your ways. Your promises will be mine as I turn my will and life over to you on a daily basis. Every morning I thank you for another day and ask you how I may be of service to you today. This is a good way to start my day. Jesus, I just want to hold your hand through life and know that you are by my side.

Please help me to help others who need it most. Help me to minister your gospel of truth and love to the weary so that they too may come to know you and everlasting life and love.

Thank you, Father, for all you have provided for me and all you have taught me. I humbly ask that you continue to teach and provide for me, my family and friends and for those who read this passage. Bless us with your grace, mercy, kindness, joy and guidance. Mostly, may we feel your presence within and around us, assuring us that we are safe and loved always. Peace be to all the peacemakers on the planet, knowing that they are your children, indeed, we are all your Divine creations. May we feel our connection deep within us and know that we are never alone.

Help us to process our grief today, Lord, and know that it is only a transition from one stage of life to the next. For, as you have said, we will never die if we believe in you. Help us to truly understand that and feel its lesson, assurance and peace for ourselves and our loved ones and pets.

Bless Mother Earth and heal her, Father, for she is in need of so much love and healing. Teach each of us individually and collectively what we can do to help her heal. Father, there is so much violence in the world. Today I pray that you would help Earth and its inhabitants to cease this behavior on a local and global scale. Show us what our part is to help end this and inspire people on a massive and individual scale to continue to pray for peace, Father, for this is our true destiny.

This we pray in the name of Jesus.


christ and angels

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