Lost in Love

Touch doesn’t feel

Voice can’t hear and

Eyes don’t see

I am so lost in your love

In the world of spirit

Where my body disappears

And I am light

Instantly I know your thoughts

I can feel your emotions

Ultimately we are one

Uniting in unison

Touch doesn’t feel

Voice can’t hear and

Eyes don’t see



Not Feeling

I’m not feeling it these days

You’ve got to recognize a woman

See past the skin into the deep

Of the heart of a woman

Wonder if you ever could

Take the time to really know

How she flows on the inside

The juices so soft and sweet

Oh Oh I see you

Oh Oh I see us

Who do you see

When you look at me

How do you feel

When we don’t touch

Why does this love

Mean so much

Tell me now

Tell me now

I’m not feeling you these days

You’re too busy in the dark

Letting it all go to waste

Why would I compromise my taste

Let it be what it will in the end

Trust that everything is fine

I can’t do it to myself anymore

Honesty takes front row now




Hit it to the beat

Twist a turn

Flip a bitch

It makes no difference

Just move yourself

Tired of this bust

Sick of the swerve

Let me see you go

To the ultimate flow

You know you want to

Skate on the go

Or bike it real slow

Don’t trip it up

Hiccup or burp

We got to meet

So move baby move




Solitude soldiers

Alone in the night

Confronting ourselves

Dark night of the soul

Every night it seems

Testing waters unknown

Boiling inside

Burning through midnight

Treasuring the silence

Echoing through our heads

We are solo

We are hollowing out

Fear and guilt

Becoming the opposite

Seeking light in dark places




If change were easy

All would simply do it

To become their best self

But blossoming into light

Takes gusto and strength

Of a mighty lion or warrior

Skillful patience of a loving mom

Planning and discipline

Mostly it requires faith

A spiritual practice

Ritual with the Divine

Head speak with Celestial team

An inner dialogue that shifts

Perspective to see you through

All of these plus your soul

Rewriting your sacred contract

About how to be in the world

Change can be simple but

It requires forethought and work




You are in the past

Where memories are forgotten

Like my bumper

Where my new tunes play

Now I feel fresh and free

With my golden view

Thought I was dead and gone

But guess what I’m still here

Never to be forgotten

My way is unique

My style my own

Ziploc it seal it and shut it

There’s truth in justice

It does and covers for us lovers

Rainbow warriors unite

Believe and do what’s right

See through the illusion

Into the heart of creation

We are a global nation

Fighting for salvation

The lovers of the world

Are entering into the light

The Age of Aquarius

Dawning today and now



I love only you

Only you see the real me

It’s so scary to know

My heart is on my sleeve

You know everything about me

All my secrets, all my cares

I love you only you true

It’s been this way eternally

I can’t change my soul

I can’t change the fact

I love you only you true

And in this life I’m yours

As in all the lives before

So I’ll be here waiting for you

Knocking at your heart’s door

Waiting for you to open

I love you only you true

It’s been this way eternally

I can’t change my soul

I can’t change the fact

I love you only you true

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