Mother Earth

The long and tedious moment

Seemed to last a lifetime

As I sat alone and cried.

I wish people would disappear

Just for a moment or two

So I can live my life alone

In solitude and solidarity.

Feeling through pain, hurt and loss

Would rejuvenate my laughter

And spark creativity.

We want what we don’t have.

We dream that to be better.

What I see in One will not change

What I see in the other.

I wish all the freeways

Would disintegrate into seeds-

Seeds of huge Weeping Willows.

I would climb those trees

And swing upon their branches.

I would make love to them.

I wish no walls or squares ever existed.

I wish the world was one

And if I looked outward

I would see a land of Godpeace and Earthbalance-

Full of forest, mountain, waterfall.

I wish all electricity and technology

Would just go away for awhile

So I can see the illumination of stars

And feel the language of Beautiful Earth.

Why can’t we put electrical outlets

Into Earthdirt floors and plug our cord

Into an energy source?

I wish I was alone, lying nude

On a grassy hilltop, gazing up at clouds

With near silence, trees and animals.

I wish to experience myself

Without unnecessary distractions.

I wish to make love to Mother Earth-

To constantly and passionately

Make love and love alone.

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