Ascension Card Affirmations


by Diana Cooper
I am one with everyone and everything.
I attune to Archangel Metatron today.
I am open to learning and teaching.
I accept and practice my healing, spiritual, and psychic gifts.
I radiate golden light and take decisive action today.
I believe in my ability to create miracles.
I respond with unconditional love today.
I face my challenges with calm and strength.
I visit the Intergalatic Council today.
I invoke air to carry angel singing around the world and bring hope and peace.
I connect with unicorns.
I am visiting Metatron’s retreat in my sleep tonight.
I stand in my power.
Water, I love you, bless you, and thank you.  I direct you to spread love round the planet.
I invoke fire to light my way to the new Golden Age.
I AM the Gold and Silver Violet Flame.
I explore all the information before i take a decision.
I honor and respect all animals.
I awaken my 12 Fifth Dimensional chakras.
I open my heart to love and healing from the Pleaides.
I maintain my truth and see the spirituality in all things.
I send Lemurian healing to Earth.
I am in total balance and harmony.
I am open to the highere wisdom of Sirius.
I am fair-minded, open-minded, and nonjudgmental.
I visit Archangel ________ in my sleep tonight.
I express myself creatively and harmoniously.
I AM the Cosmic Heart.
I walk with the ascended masters.
I use the Sword of Truth to lead the way.
I walk with Serapis Bey.
My life and my health are in perfect harmony.
I listen to my divine feminine wisdom.
I wear Mother Mary’s mantle of love and enfold others in it.
I invoke the Mahatma energy to flow through me.
I call on Lord Kumeka to enlighten and support me.
I connect to the God force within the Sphinx.
I honor the masters of Orion and visit them in my sleep.
I am one with everything.
I connect with dolphin wisdom.
I connect with the Great White Brotherhood and radiate pure white light today.
I connect with Commander Ashtar to serve the Universe.
I am open to wisdom from the stars.
I AM the Gold Ray of Christ.
I invoke fire dragons to clear my path to ascension.
I attune to the wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria held in Neptune.
I thank, bless, and love the entire nature kingdom.
I open myself to the wisdom and guidance of Hilarion.
I act from my divine feminine wisdom.
I stand in my power and lead others forward.
I thank Lady Gaia for inviting me to be on Earth.

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