10 Principles of Manifestation

10 Principles of Manifestation
by John Randolph Price

Eliminate a consciousness of need. We have it all and we have it NOW! We have the kingdom NOW.

1. ATTUNEMENT- Eternal self-hood. Master self. Super knowledge of God, Christ consciousness. God knowing it’s self as it’s self. Decide what you want and go after it. Choose to claim what you desire.
2. CHOICE- Focus on what you want. Desire is the first act in the action process. Make a list of want you want. Intuition deepens and guides to highest of good choices. Spiritual into mental into physical planes.
3. ACCEPTANCE- Only that which you accept is yours to use.
4. HAVE- Consciousness shifts from need to have. “I AM” statements. Working in the now, where God consciousness is.
5. VISUALIZATION- Creative visualization. Energy follows thought. Create form out of thought substance. Controlled imagery in the present moment. What you see is what you get. Write out the complete and finished scenario. Always see the best. Imagine from your highest vision.
6. LOVE- Clothe images with substance. Divine idea under all manifestation. Love what you see with deep substance. Embody pattern of love desires. As above, so below. As within, so without.
7. SPOKEN WORD- Faith. Declare that it is done. Foundation of belief system. It is done. It is so.
8. SURRENDER- Let go and let God. Accept the way and the truth of your divine consciousness. Surrendering to a greater good. Turn everything over to Divine Consciousness. Live in a state of grace.
9. GRATITUDE- Joyful heart-filled with praise and thanksgiving. Be thankful while your good is still invisible.
10. ACTION- After spiritual treatment, you must interact and act. Rise from your prayers and follow intuition. Position yourself to receive. Your part is play co-creator. Ask Higher Self and God: “What would you like me to do now?”


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