Walk in Beauty

We are at the beginning of a 26,000 year cycle peeps!

Uranus/Pluto square started March 16, 2015 linked with major change. Will be felt for a long time (like 3 years).

Total Solar Eclipse March 20, 2o15. 2:36 am. 29 Pisces 27. Visible in UK and Northern Europe. Supermoon. Perigee moon. Tides will be high and strong. Sense of paradigm shift and energetic movement. The energy is intense today but palpable for molding into your own creation. Shift your consciousness into what you desire to create! Good day to do a ceremony and honor the spirituality of the Earth.

13 hours later, Sun moves into Aries and we have the Spring Equinox! Portal of energy! Transform into the fresh newness of the vibes of Her. What are you sensing? What is calling you? What is your spirit calling you to do right now? How are you being in the world? How would you like to be? What are you desiring to create, do, be? NOW more than ever is the time to rise up and into the energy of Mother and the celestial realm. To raise your consciousness into the outer realms of the world and ground into Mother. We really are being asked to have a foot in the spiritual world and a foot in the physical world. We are all walking Shamans now. Enjoying the journey, each sacred step, toward a beautiful walk together toward peace, wholeness, unity, love and joy.

Blessingway Prayer of the Navajo people

I will be happy forever

Nothing will hinder me

I walk with beauty before me

I walk with beauty behind me

I walk with beauty above me

I walk with beauty below me

I walk with beauty around me

My words will be beautiful


Walk in beauty. And So It Is.




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