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Ask Your Angels and Trust

013From the new deck, Angel Answers, comes the card, “Ask Your Angels”. Notice the guiding light of your angel as you sit in meditation. Many answers and guidance come to you when you simply “ask your angels”. You can ask your angels about anything, anytime. Your guardian angels are always with you, waiting to be of service to you. But, there is a second part and that is:

014From the Life Purpose Oracle Deck comes the card, “Trust”. After you chat with your angels, you will be given hunches and intuitive hits about the direction you should take. It’s all about you “trusting” these messages and taking guided action from your angels about what you should do next. If you’re not sure what to do, ask your angels for a sign. You will intuitively know when it is time to take action. Your soul will tell you what to do next. You will see it in dreams and feel it nudging you strongly in that direction. Trust these signs are from your angels and don’t hesitate to follow their guidance. Be sure to thank them for their presence and powerful guidance in your life!

As the holiday season is upon us, the angels are louder and more clear than ever. They want us to know that they are here to help us through this time. They know that life on Earth is challenging and they know that more and more people are tuning into their angels and working with them on a daily basis. Let’s just say the frequency of angels has been fine-tuned over the years and it’s very accessible to those who wish to “tune in” to their station. All you have to do is set the intention to and you can vibrate at a heavenly level with your guardian and the archangels. There is nothing abnormal or weird about this. It’s natural to connect with the celestial realms, as that is where you come from. Part of your life purpose involves reconnecting with them in order to obtain new information and then to share this information with your friends and family and ultimately, the world. You can do it! We have such love and faith in you. Trust and ask your angels for the messages you need to move forward on your Divine life path of peace and purpose.

Blessed Be. I love you.


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