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In the grieving process, I have found that meditations have opened me, cleansed me and renewed me in my ongoing attempt to heal and move on. The above links are some of the websites I have used and found extremely helpful in this endeavor. These meditations are amazingly beautiful, touching and wonderful. They will open your wound and allow you to heal at a deeper level, to explore those parts of you that need to be healed and transformed. The pain of grief is a deeply personal journey but a universal one here on Earth. It is one of the great universal teachers here. What we do with our pain is important and says a lot about who we are. We must let it come into us, deepen us, change us, move us and ultimately teach us to be better people in the world. All people will one day experience the pain of grief in one shape or another. Perhaps this is one way we can connect as a people. If we hide our pain, ignore our pain, it will run us. It will manifest as anger, greed or other negative emotions. If, on the other hand, we acknowledge our pain and process it, it can truly be a great teacher of love, forgiveness and compassion in the world and toward ourselves.

Lately, I’ve been crying a lot. The second anniversary of my best friend’s passing is coming up. All those emotions are fresh on my sleeve. I feel her near now more than ever. I miss her dearly and daily. I think of her often. She is my cheerleader when my head is in my pillow sobbing for her. I hear her soothing my pain. Telling me she’s okay and that all is well. It helps a lot, being able to still smell her jean jacket and pick up her scent. I can still hear her laugh in my head. It’s all so new. Her loss brings up other losses too. I miss my grandparents. I’ve lost them all. I miss them all, each in their own way. My maternal grandfather committed suicide and that one is the hardest to come to terms with still, almost 20 years later. Then there are the minor losses. My boyfriend moved to Alaska. I miss him. A good online friend disappeared. I wonder how she is. I gave up my career to raise a child. While I’m not sorry for a second, I still miss working sometimes. Loss and grief. It’s a big one these days.

These meditations soothe and ease me, transform my fear and sadness into acceptance and peace. I’m so grateful for that. It takes due diligence to keep the process going but its worth it. I hope you find them useful, as well.

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