AA Gabriel

AA Gabriel

God, Jesus and AA Gabriel,

Please work with and through me as I embark on my writing today. Help me to be a clear channel for the Divine. May I clearly hear, see, feel and know the messages of the Divine as they come through me today in my writing. Help me to accurately transcribe these messages so that they may be easily understood by all. Let me access my Higher Self’s wisdom and guidance as I embark on writing and easily work with my Higher Self in order to write what you would have me to today. In meditation before I write, help me to process¬† ideas and brainstorm with a gentle flow. As I go throughout the writing process, be with me God, Jesus and AA Gabriel, making sure I am following Your Will and Way and that the information and words are heaven sent.¬† Please make sure that I am following the path of the Divine. Thank you so much for working with me today. Make me an instrument through which I may serve you Father, and come to know you better. My wish is to serve all sentient beings through my writing and to better know you, Father. Help my writing to reflect our connection and help it to inspire other writers. May Love guide my hands and inspire my heart. Thank you God, Jesus, and AA Gabriel for working with me as my Source, guide, and inspiration this day. As I plug-in to you, I plug-in to the Source of all Love, creativity, and inspiration, and I am blessed.¬† For all of these blessings, I am so grateful.

With love and thanks,


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