Honoring the Divine

love god

In the East, the full moon in July (Monday, July 22 this year) is celebrated as Gurupurnima Day, a day to honor the enlightened ones from all traditions, those who support us on the journey from darkness to light.

As I honored the enlightened ones on Monday of last week and into this week, I felt an overwhelming sense of support and love from the celestial realm. This Summer season has been a rough one personally for me and calling on the aide of the other Earthly side has proven effective in my life, once again. I’m still somewhat mostly in the dark in most aspects of my life at the moment but I don’t feel so alone anymore and that has made a profound difference in my perspective. This mantra from Deva Premal and Miten was what sparked the change in me: a free gift from them for the auspicious day of the Full Moon and Gurupurnima Day. I hope the mantra helps you, as well. I also will post “Spark” by Michelle Branch. It’s been my little theme song lately and has perked me up, too. Remember, stay and keep positive. I’m not sure how but I just know it will pay off! At least your positivity will keep you happy and those around you too. Fight for happiness, you deserve it and so does the world. 🙂

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