Your Divine Life Purpose of Peace

As we herald in the New Age of peace, love, compassion and acceptance, it is imperative that we continue to pray for peace: both inner peace and universal peace on a daily basis. This New Age asks us to heal ourselves, our planet and each other of old wounds where we have yet to forgive or where we harbor old resentments. Telling the absolute truth plays a predominate role in the New World. As we come into the Light and Love that we truly are as human beings, the angels ask us to vibrate at our highest of energies and to honor our integrity. 2013 holds the promise of much healing for us all as we become more of who we are meant to be: COMPLETE LOVE AND COMPASSION both for ourselves, our planet and for all of humanity and all sentient and even non-sentient beings. We are all ONE and the universe reminds us of a time when we were connected as such. Search to find commonalities and stay centered in the universal. Share smiles with strangers. Offer hope to the helpless. Pray for all of humanity. In this way, we will be helping the angels help those who need it most. As Lightworkers, we came here to spread and bring Light to dark places. Now is the time to do so. Be bold and courageous and carry the Light with much honor. Your were hand-chosen by the Creator for this purpose, never forget that! Spread healing, Love and Light wherever you go. Bless you, beloved. Your Light is so needed in the Universe. Let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine!

Californiamoon XOOXX

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