Ring Your Bells and Shine Your Light

Gyalsey Thokmay Sangpo translates the Thirty-Seven Practices of Bodhisattvas and in Verse 11 he writes, “All suffering comes from yearning for your own happiness. The perfect Buddhas are born from the intention to benefit others. Therefore, to truly exchange your own happiness for the suffering of others is the practice of a Bodhisattva.”
I went to Long Beach to see a speech by the Dalai Lama. When I arrived from Northern California, I realized His Holiness’ plane was delayed and we would be hearing from another Buddhist Monk on the day of His Holiness’ scheduled lecture. I met up with a friend from Los Angeles whom I had met from an online angel network. She is a Medicine Buddha, Reiki Master and Angel Therapy Practitioner. We have a warm connection. When we finally sat down, in the center of the theatre, as God would have it, my lower back spasms began to attack! The Monk hadn’t even gotten onstage before my back and legs were tingling in pain. I knew almost immediately I wasn’t going to be able to make it through the lecture. I was saddened. I asked God and Buddha for their forgiveness and for their healing. I blessed my friend and her pregnant belly. I blessed my boyfriend, who was with me, and our connection with my new friend. I thought about all the blessings I had experienced to actually see His Holiness’ chair. We took a picture of that chair, where His Holiness was to speak. The energy around it was magical.
Around fifteen minutes into the lecture, I whispered to my boyfriend it was time to go because I was having back spasms. I told my friend and we gently squeezed our way out of the auditorium. Once out, my boyfriend asked if I wanted to walk around and stretch my back. I agreed. We wandered around into the little shop they had there. It had books, CDs, DVDs, Tibetan bells, scarves, prayer beads, handbags, etc.
As I turned the corner from the book section into the bell section, there stood a Tibetan Monk. He was ringing two Tibetan bells and looking right at me. He smiled and said, “For you, no?”
I said, “Ah, for us, yes?”
He said, “For all beings.”
Then we smiled at each other. I stepped closer to him, admiring his bald head and wide eyes. He was so very young but carried himself so gently, so sweetly, so wide open. I touched the table between us, wanting really to touch his robe, but thinking it too aggressive. He just kept smiling and ringing the bells. I imagined him doing mantras in his head for the world and for all sentient beings. Immediately my spasms stopped. I was healed. My legs quit quivering. My head was no longer spinning and I was peaceful once again. All thanks to this beautiful boy Monk before me, ringing his little prayer bells in his prayer robe, making peace in the world. I wish I told him thank you. Maybe he’ll read this someday and know who he is. If he does, I hope he knows how much I love him and how much he changed my life in that instant. He reminded me of the power of prayer, of the power of peace, of the power of unity and agreement between two people in this world.
I had specifically asked God for a sign the night before. Things weren’t going very well on the trip. Things definitely weren’t going the way I had planned. I needed a “miracle moment” and so, I asked God for one. I mean, I REALLY asked for one, several times. First, I had a moment where I totally surrendered and said, “Okay God. It’s up to you. Please grant me a sign that you are with me and that everything’s going to be okay. Show me that His Holiness is with me this weekend and on my path.”
Another prayer I recall was when I was sitting outside of our hotel and I asked God, “Why did you bring me here if you weren’t going to connect me with His Holiness? What is the purpose of this trip?”
The Tibetan Monk I ran into answered both of those questions when he said, “All sentient beings.” This was a key to my unfolding. I needed to remember that I am doing lightwork for all sentient beings. All angels do their work for all sentient beings. It is in the name of this boy Monk that I dedicate this entry for he gave me direction when I had little and faith when I was unsure. He was my friend when I was scared and my healer when I was sick. His starry eyes enlightened mine and I thank him for his light in the world. Shine your lights so that you may inspire others to shine in this world.

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