Reflections on the Road…

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My boyfriend and I set out this weekend to see His Holiness the Dali Lama in Long Beach. We were disappointed to have spent all day Saturday waiting, only to find his plane was delayed and we were to listen to a head Monk speaker instead. However, I did run into the infamous Jackie Pride there!!! It was amazing and surreal to have met her! She is so genuine and real in person and such a magical, fairy person. I instantly was connected to her. She has warm, inviting and friendly energy and I hope she felt the same way about me. My back spasms were in full attack by the time the lecture got underway so we only stayed briefly and then, off to the concession stands to purchase books and what-nots and then, back to the hotel room. We decided to go to Goofy’s Kitchen for dinner, since we were staying in Downtown Disneyland. It was yummy, All-American food but, our picture didn’t turn out so well. That kinda bummed me out. Then, we were hopeful to see the Dali Lama on Sunday morning and drove back to Long Beach only to find, alas, he was ill and would not be attending. I wonder if Bin Laden had something to do with His Holiness’ not traveling? Hmmm, at any rate, he did not travel and would not end up giving the initiation this weekend, as planned. Bummer. So, we decided to go to Disneyland instead. We rode Space Mountain and Pirates, did some shopping and site-seeing, ate lunch and then headed back to the Bay! I wanted to meet up with my Life Coach but she was in session all day. That HAS to happen next time I’m down there. It was a great trip and one I plan on taking again in August; next time with the little one in tow. I’m excited about this part of my life and it’s significant that the Dali Lama brought me here and I think I’ll be meeting him someday in the future. As Incubus’ new album is entitled: If Not Now, When? So, Your Holiness, Mr. Dali Lama, I believe we have a date pending for an initiation sometime in the near future, sir!!!! Namaste, bountiful blessings and peace, goodwill to all….May your heart of compassion radiate toward Mother Earth and all its inhabitants every second of every moment of everyday. Wishing you love beyond measure and dreams coming true!

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