Miscellaneous Poetry Spirituality and Flow

now and zen

garden grows as the birds fly home again
the plowed and leveled dirt is ready
you sing of things as if they are real
knowing inside this illusion of life
buttercup fairies woke me with the sun
kissed my freakles and reminded me
of the song of the bluejay’s hungry belly
stumbled to the coffee maker
wondering how you are
when you will find your way here
you’d say tea, my dear
i’d argue for that bold, brazilian coffee
but your gentle arms will nudge me
toward the tea and my betterment
but today i drink coffee, again
smoke what starts as one cigarette
you’d take those away, too
with you’re let’s make a deal charm
did some yoga and missed doing
partner yoga with you
you get better stretches and zen that way
sat down to write this poem
got distracted by a green pumpkin
growing in the garden this morning
savoring my coffee and cigarette
wishing instead to be loving on you

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