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El Dia De Los Muertos

As All Saints Day and All Souls Day are upon us and as El Dia de Los Muertos rituals and prayers are being said, I think of my own departed loved ones and offer up this prayer:

To my Grandmothers: Nana and Grandma
To my Grandfathers: Poppy and Grandpa
I offer you my eternal love and gratitude
For your guidance and counsel in this life
And in the hereafter, I shall seek you, as I do now.
Thank you for your continued blessings and kindness.
Thank you for your life lessons of enduring love,
Hard work, gentle ways and wise warrior spirits.
I light a candle for you four today and send you
My love and my memories of your greatness.
May we always be connected in spirit and heart,
And may I see you again in the next life.
Blessings to you and peace to you- now and always.

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