Angels, God and Faith Spirituality and Flow The 4 Seasons

The coming of…

My intentions evolve under this waxing moon as we approach Halloween and All Saint’s Day Festivities. My seed words are: independence, infusion, inspection, and inspiration. What are your seed words and how are they designed to help you move forward?

Independence: I wish to feel more free to be the me I am destined to be and become.

Infusion: I want to infuse my body with love and kindness. I wish to be whole and healthy and feel complete always, not just when the season’s nice.

Inspection: I wish to inspect my life and stear clear of harmful interactions.

Inspiration: I wish to be Divinely inspired at home and at work and in life, always. I want to know what is to be living a constant walk with the Creator, in constant prayer for the greater good.

Blessings this Moon Before the Dark!

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