Angels, God and Faith Spirituality and Flow


Today the flow was graceful and effortless. I thank the Universe for that. I am grateful for all of my opportunities to serve. I feel complete, and then some. I have always considered the “9” to represent this: completion, rebirth, a start of something new. All the signs were there today to represent major change and shifts. I’m grateful the moon is listening, and that it’s energy is nourishing me. I recall my days at the ocean and the sound of the waves. They settle all uneasiness, and calm me to my core. It was not without some injury, however. My car suffered a smashing into a circular divide. Funny, always a divide when a major life shift happens. “Fuck!” I yelled. I was busy lifting my teacher bag from the back seat to the front seat to get my cell phone. Bad move, I know. My phone acted funny this morning. Couldn’t receive calls or check my voicemail. Then, it worked fine couple hours later. Metro doing systems updates was what they told me. I’m glad it started working normally again and quick, though. I bless my intentions for my upcoming ceremony. It’s gonna be a big one. I can feel it. After all, I got to go on a bear hunt today. And I got a bear hug when I got home!

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