Spirituality and Flow The 4 Seasons

Fall Transitions

As the Fall Equinox, Mabon, approaches on September 22, the changes begin to soar both internally and externally. I can see it in the weather, in my body, in the solar system, in the government. The time has come to return to this natural flow of following the sun’s cycles and living off its rays of energetic light. I’m pondering my Mabon ritual when the sun will be entering Libra. What will be my intention for this New Moon on Friday the 18th? What will be my intention for the Mabon as the moon will barely be visible, still new and barely waxing, hovering over me, listening for my request? What will you whisper to the moon on these nights? It will be listening for you and asking you, “What is your intention this night?”

For the New Moon, my intention is to create positive flow in aspects of service to humanity and planetary work. I ask that my work continue to flow effortlessly and that I find a mutually respectful, cooperative, spiritual “home”. I ask that all my coworkers, parents, students, administrators, support staff be blessed bountifully and that our energy sync to work together seamlessly in a cohesive, supportive enviornment. May our lights be brightened by the one’s we serve. May my work on planetary peace be supported and blessed. I ask for more insight into this work and the vision to carry it out. I ask for more time to devote to the study of this work and the manifestation of it. Again, may it flow perfectly and with Divine timing and planning in effect. Blessed be. Amen.

For the Fall Equinox, my intention is to transition into a new vision of life and living. I want my focus to be on service, independence and production toward a newer, better way of living. I ask the angels to support me through this transition and to make it easy and graceful. I vow to make better choices. I vow to focus on my intentions. I vow to make progress toward my goals. Transition and transformation is paramount. I grow. I evolve.

More on the altars and blessings on the dates. Why are you waiting? Set your intentions now.

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