Music Video

YouTube – Joni Mitchell-California (BBC)

sitting in a booth in oakland, east bay
reading a book and it sure looks good
california you never felt so good
with your sleeves of song
and your quilts of kindness

reading the news and it looks bad
no money anywhere here
we’re last on the list in school
no jobs to speak of anywhere
it all just seems so hopeless

but then that stranger sees my glare
he gives a warm smile to the loneliness
and puts one on my face back
it’s just that way here it seems
when it all looks bad, someone smiles

oh california, my home and precious land
your beaches soothe my spirit
the sand takes my memos and reads them
and the oceans accepts my fallen sticks
I just couldn’t love you much more

california, I’m staying home
california, I’m glad you’re home
california, the best is yet to come

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