New and Full Moon Poetry

Full Moon Mandala Visualization

I am completely whole, healthy and happy. My body and all its cells are renewed now with the light and source of love. I visualize my body as completely healthy and free from all toxins. I am health. I am healthy.

My family and friends are complete and whole and healthy. We interact in harmonious and inspiring ways. All of our interactions are peaceful, loving and kind. We see each other’s point of view and listen to one another’s feelings. We hear each other. We are all healthy, strong, vibrant and alive and living to our full potential now and forever.

I am love. I radiate kindness, joy and positivity. When I think of or see this mandala, I am reminded of this visualization and can easily recall that place inside of inner peace and tranquility. I return to love. I return to sanity. I return to health. I return to the inner light of me and to the outer light of the moon. All is well.

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