New and Full Moon

August New Moon of Delight

Other names for this moon: Herb Moon; Barley Moon; Corn Moon.

As Summer winds down and Autumn begins to inch in, transition is seen early in the leaves this year in Northern California. My Japanese Maple is already turning shades of brown. I, too, am pondering change as Summer comes to a close and Autumn shows it’s early signs.

This New Moon, I wish for health: for me, my family and friends. I put our garden “Buddha” (we call him Buddha but it’s really not Buddha, it’s an Indian god) on my New Moon altar along with my mountain rock and silver rocks in my Poppy’s medicine bowl. The board, or mat, is the cutting board from our kitchen that was there throughout my childhood but had since become a “garden board”. The center bowl is filled with purified water, essential oils and rose petals, along with alchemy stones. The entire altar is placed facing Mt. Diablo at the South end of our backyard. The Indian god is facing North. My prayer for this month’s New Moon in Leo is for healing and health.

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