Watch “Unicorn Documentary – Full Pilot Episode” on YouTube

Unicorns have long surrounded me. They are a spirit animal and these light bearing beings are assisting humanity with awakening, ascension and transformation.

Through innovation, creativity and kindness unicorns do their work. Unicorns are likeable and loving. They teach joy, love, compassion and inspiration.

What’s your unicorn’s name? Mine likes to be called Uno, as in Oneness.

8/8/2020 Lion’s Gate Portal

The 8/8/2020 portal is open and shining. It’s the perfect time to meditate and ground, envision and dream. This is where we collectively acknowledge and honor the star of Sirius, which is much larger and brighter than our sun. Sirius is a sun and star but tales of its power, protection and guiding light have been around forever. The Christ light which lead the three wise men to the baby Jesus is one of the most notable. However, before then it lead the ancients as a guide and compass too and some modern sailors use it to this day.

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